Daniel Bastible | Beacon Fencing

"We would like to thank Arcanum Web Design for constructing our new website. With their expertise, they were able to design a site which shows our product range in an easy to use format. Over the first few months the new website has helped to increase sales, with potential customers able to view a greater product range."

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Sue Wilkins | Panache PR

"Creative, charming and cost effective. Arcanum Web Design listened to my ideas, developed them into a credible, adaptable web site to impress both my current and future clients and produced it on time despite my difficult and often changing demands!"

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Jonathan Newdick | Artist

I asked Arcanum to produce my website because they are local and I value personal contact. However, were they now to move to Mongolia, I would probably continue with them. They quickly understood my sometimes exacting requirements and followed my design almost to the letter, making intelligent suggestions and introducing compromise only when necessitated by the limitations of the medium. Above all, the web developer who was appointed to oversee my site gave me the impression that he was working, not for me, but with me. For someone such as I, who understands so little of this technology, this is important."

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Dr Helen Robinshaw | Deaf Baby Specialist

"I have really appreciated your [Arcanum Web Design] guidance and thoughtful care in translating my very specialist goals into something accessible to all."

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