Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of promoting or marketing products and services through the use of the Internet.

The interactive nature of the Internet and other new media in terms of eliciting response has completely changed the marketing world.

Internet marketing often covers a broader scope of subjects, it’s not inclusive of the Internet, email and wireless media but also often includes Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) too. So, Internet marketing covers everything from mobile phones, to online video, to social and viral marketing using Facebook etc, right through to how customer information is facilitated and utilised.

Arcanum Web Design are Internet marketers

We are Internet marketers. We build websites; interactive platforms; Content Management Systems (CMS) and we perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), all of which falls under the colourful umbrella that is Internet marketing.

We believe there is a formula that makes up a successful online effort to market products or services. It goes like this:

"Excellent design + Search Engine Optimisation + great content + a strong USP + market awareness = online success"

All these elements together create a pretty powerful combination that has been proven to create success through the Internet. Obviously there are many other levels and details to a full Internet marketing strategy, but that’s where we come in!

How this affects you

If you do have a website, or if you don’t, your business will be effected by Internet marketing.

Whether it is yourself looking for a new supplier, or a supplier looking for a new retailer, the Internet connects hundreds of thousands of companies, even if you are selling a product that can’t be bought on the Net, there are still many other benefits to having a web presence:

• Your competitors are likely to have a web presence.
• 85% of UK Internet traffic use a Search Engine to find what they are looking for.
• 7 out of 10 businesses say they use Search Engines to find new business opportunities.
• It benefits your buyers’ decision making process. If they are researching on the Internet, and they can’t find you, you won’t be included in that decision.
• The Internet is a huge arena, it can spread your brand like wildfire if done properly, allowing you to reach new markets and open up new business opportunities.

The list is exhausting, but these are just a few examples of how Internet marketing can benefit your business.

Do something about it

Before we even think about starting a project with you, it’s important that we understand your business, your marketing message, your market and your business goals.

Knowing this information, we can help your online efforts work with your business positively, driving it in the same direction so everything works in concert.

So get in touch with us, tell us your ideas, tell us about your company and we can create anything from a one page website to a full and all-inclusive marketing strategy that will add another engine to your business vehicle.

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