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Domain name choice

Your domain name is the address of your online business, just like your office or warehouse address it tells potential clients where to find you.

So what happens when the domain name you want, (which matches your business name) is taken by someone else?

Unfortunately (and possibly, surprisingly) you don’t have a legal right to the domain name that reflects your company.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing!

Imagine this

You are looking to buy a new set of curtains and so you look to the Internet. You go onto Google and you type in ‘gold flower pattern curtains’.

What follows are endless pages of results, that have matched your search.

You find a heading you like the sound of, take a look at the website and buy your curtains.

The company you buy your curtains from are called ‘Hanging Cotton Inc’ and they have the domain name ‘’. Immediately, we can all see that it can be very beneficial to have a domain name that matches a major search term for key products offered by your business.

Return of the domain name

The problem comes when you may have the domain name of your dreams (be it one that matches your company name or a description of your product) but for whatever reason someone else manages to get hold of it.

As previously mentioned, you don’t have a legal right or Intellectual right over it, but if you feel that it is key to the running of your business (brand recognition for example) there are ways of getting it back.


One way is through the courts and filing a domain name dispute, however, this can be expensive and drawn out.

We suggest looking to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) for sorting out your domain name problems.

You can find them here and they specialise in cost efficient and rapid solving of domain name disputes.

As an internationally recognised legal entity they will be able to effectively help your situation.

Use keywords, not just your company name

Arguably, it is actually better to have a domain name that doesn’t incorporate your company name, purely because you attract the attention of World Wide Web users whom don’t know your company name.

For example, our fictional company ‘Hanging Cotton Inc’ will not grab the attention of people who don’t know their company name.

The customers you already have know who you are and can find you just by typing in the address.

Therefore instead of jumping in and purchasing a domain name that matches your precise company name; your efforts may be better rewarded by purchasing a domain name that reflects a key search term that matches a major product or service offered by your company.

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