Content Management Systems - what are they?

A Content Management System (CMS) is ideal if your business is all about change. Therefore, you may need to make daily or frequent changes to the information displayed throughout your website.

A strict definition of a Content Management System (CMS) would be a computer program which allows you to update the information on your website, without having to code anything, or ask us to do it for you.

Examples of businesses whose normal operation would involve regular updates to their website could be an Estate Agency, Recruitment Consultancy or similar.

Control your website

A Content Management System will allow you to access and change all of the content and images on your site.

Marketing tools such as newsletters, animated components and video can be easily installed to reinforce your brand with regards your products or services.

We provide written or digital guides with every CMS site we develop. An on-site tutorial is also optional.

The benefits of a CMS - First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth

1. Your first benefit

You can control the content on your site whenever you want, from wherever you want.

As long as you are at a computer with an Internet connection, you can easily change the images, content and add or delete pages from your website.

2. Your second benefit

Add pages, remove pages and change images throughout the entire website.

You can rearrange how menus are ordered, create new pages, a blog, news or special offers pages, whenever you need to without having any technical knowledge.

3. Your third benefit

Changing text and inserting images is as easy as using a Word Processor.

No technical knowledge is required and it's quick and easy to do.

4. Your fourth benefit

A Content Management System allows fast implementation of new features.

Do you need a weather update on your website? Or would a login section help your users?

5. Your fifth benefit

There is a complete administration system behind your website that allows you to control it.

We won't just hand you the controls, we create a guide in either paper or digital format for you and there is the option of an on-site tutorial.

Need more information or can't decide whether a CMS is right for you?
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