AIP Bronze package

The Advanced Internet Platform Bronze package enables you to begin developing a powerful online presence, using the AIP Methodology.

Bespoke design and content

This package is completely bespoke to your company in both graphical design and content with an interactive contact us page and form.

Using the AIP Methodology we create a new web presence for your company as well as taking care of your website address and where your site is stored on the Internet.

Marketing intelligence

Marketing tools such as Google Analytics are included with the AIP Bronze package

Software such as 'Google Analytics' is intergrated into your site as standard. This software allows you or your marketing team to monitor and track visitor sources, keywords and many other aspects of your online users.

From a marketing perspective, this information can be used in the future and for Search Engine Optimisation campaigns.

Upgrade when you need to

The AIP Bronze package can be upgraded to an AIP Silver package or an AIP Gold package website at any time. You can also add and adjust pages as well as increase functionality when you need to.

The Advanced Internet Platform Bronze package is an excellent starting point to building your online business.

Is the AIP Bronze the package for you? Call us on 01243 785111, arrange a meeting with a consultant or you can have us call you to discuss your website.