Bespoke web design: Advanced Internet Platform

The Advanced Internet Platform (AIP) is a new methodology developed by Arcanum Web Design. It achieves two massive goals:

Firstly, it enables us to create visually stunning websites.

Secondly, it gives us the ability to optimise the site to enable the major Search Engines to find your website more easily.

Your customers come first

All commercial websites are built with one primary objective; ultimately to generate more revenue.

Therefore, like any form of marketing it is imperative that your website not only promotes your brand but also appeals to your customers.

Our knowledge is your power

Our knowledge of design, web psychology, usability, copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation all filters into the Advanced Internet Platform methodology. The key is how we build it and what we put into it.

With your knowledge of your industry and market combined with our knowledge of the Internet; together we can create a powerful solution that will have a very positive effect on your business.

The advantages to your business - First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth

1. Become unique

The technical structure of your site linked to the methodology we adopt as part of the AIP, means that your website will benefit greatly from a marketing focused CMS (Content Management System), alongside the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits of a hand coded site.

2. Built for your customers, not for a graphics award

We design the website based on the information going into it and with your customers at the very front of our minds during the whole process.

3. Accurately represent your business

Before doing any designing we ensure we have a sound understanding of your business, its purpose, goals and customers.

This means we can make a highly targeted Internet solution that will appeal to your potential customers, raise you above the competition and possibly reach new markets.

4. Interact with potential customers

Marketing features built into the website give you the ability to produce regular news briefs or product information and updates.

You can control images, text and allow your customers to download material, if required, in the form of a PDF (Portable Document File).

5. Cost effective

Our Advanced Internet Platform is packaged to provide you and your budget with more flexibility.

With our bronze, silver or gold packages available we can cater to your individual needs and provide you with a bespoke website that is purpose built to market and effectively sell your company and its products or services.

This is by no means the end of the advantages you can gain from the AIP. Call us on 01243 785111 or arrange a meeting with a consultant to find out how the AIP can help you.